FKT: Brian Donnelly - Sea to Sky, Haleakala (HI) - 2017-03-30

Route variation
ascent from Kaupo
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
4h 30m 45s

Ran the route noted above today in a time of 4:30:45, setting a new FKT. I started at 7:43 am. Pics of locations with watch splits are on my blog, along with a couple start/finish pics. Here's a link to my strava track:

Park entrance: 1:23:02
Paliku cabin turnoff: 2:29:07
Kapalaoa cabin: 3:03:29
Summit: 4:30:45

I started on the beach a few yards from the shore next to the Huialoha church and was fully unsupported. I stopped my watch when I tagged the elevation sign at the summit shelter. I didn't use poles, though they would be an advantage on this route. I didn't run into any dogs at the park entrance but did have some route finding troubles following some recent caterpillar tracks up the hillside. I had to sidehill a bit and descend/bushwhack to get back on the trail. Added maybe five or ten minutes overall. The lower portions of the park were way more overgrown than the last time I ran this route. It made running pretty difficult and slowed me down some but it was beautiful nonetheless. This is an awesome and highly recommended route. Also, thanks to PB for maintaining this site!