FKT: Brian Vermillion - Mt Le Conte (TN) - 2021-10-02

Route variation
Alum Cave 3X
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 45m 52s

The Mt Leconte 50K is 3 laps and up and down Alum cave trail. Starting before sun up the first few miles were in the dark, with the daylight giving away as I started to break though the tree line. The weather was perfect, started off in the low 50's and warming up to mid 60's by the end of the run. First lap went great finishing right around 2 hours. Lap 2 and lap 3 were slower but steady. Power hike the up and run the down.


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Lol, thought that I saw someone running this whenever I was. I was running this the same exact day your were. Except I came through via Rainbow Falls. Just up there for another training run that weekend. Ran on over through to the Appalachian Trail as well that day. Super Congratulations man!!! GOOD RUN!!

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I might give this variant a go sometime maybe next year. Love this trail. My only question is where is your turn around point at the top. Because when I did a single out and back I went all the way to High Top, the pile of rocks another .3ish miles up lol. Just wondering if I was going up too far and did too much haha