FKT: Brian Wiest - Phoenix Phearsome Phour (AZ) - 2023-02-08

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4h 8m 28s
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Long day, fell apart toward the end. Actually laid down when both legs failed at the same time (seems to do it when I begin a climb)

The Camelback portion was pretty crowded, so couldn't do anything crazy. Piestewa climb equally tough, slightly less people. Then the traverse to the last 2 climbs was going well until I reached a closed bike path, so had to explore a little bit before finding the tunnel under the road. 

Shortly after that I had run out of water/food and inner thigh was already cramping. Shuffled to the third climb, and received a pleasant surprise following a paved road. Power walked that and the final climb.

I'd advise future runners of this course to take it easy on the first 2 climbs. Save the legs for the long trek to peak 3.

Props to Jeff Thompson for establishing a fun tour of the main Phoenix peaks. Also think that Rachel Tomajczyk would've beat this time if she didn't need to reroute on the fly last year. 

Think this will settle around 3:30-3:40. Would love to do it again, perhaps not right after flying cross country! This route was a great way to start the trip, just wish it had ended with an Eagles super bowl victory!!