FKT: Brian Wiest - Wissahickon Four Corners (PA) - 2022-12-14

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 52m 55s
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Brisk morning in Philly, but perfect for running! Chose comfort over speed with my Hoka Speedgoats, and I think that was the right decision. Wore a pack with 2L of Gu Roctane drink mix, 1 each of Spring Energy Awesome Sauce and Long Haul, 2 Gu Roctane gels, and 8 electrolyte tablets.

Let’s felt sluggish at the start but never really got worse, so can’t complain. Saw a lot of people walking dogs and 1 other runner which I followed for about a quarter mile. Passed 3 horses toward the end so that slowed me down a bit (really didn’t want to get kicked). A lot of people out working on the trails as well. Probably 10 or so trees to jump over, 2 of which were pretty tricky.

First time using the PacePro feature on my watch. It’s cool because it gives a target pace for each mile which is adjusted for elevation. It also shows your progress compared to your pre-programmed goal. I had set it at 2:55 goal, and was running couple minutes ahead for most of the morning.

The last 5 miles are ROUGH. It gets more technical, zig zags quite a bit, and constant rolling hills. If anyone is attempting this FKT in the CCW direction, expect to slow down in the last 5.

Overall, trail conditions were fast. Almost went down on an icy patch right before a bridge, but that was my only close call. Felt pretty dialed in the whole time. 1 wrong turn which was quickly corrected, and maybe 10 spots where I stopped to ensure I was heading the right direction. Navigation is half the battle on this route!!!

Longest run since Grindstone a few months ago. Considering how my right leg felt at that time, I’m so grateful to be back at 100% so quickly.