FKT: Brittany Charboneau - Mt Bierstadt (CO) - 2020-07-01

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56m 48s

Just got home from running my very first 14er and *hopefully* getting the official FKT! I started the run around 2:45pm. I knew that the current FKT was set by Kim Dobson back in 2016 and knew what pace I needed to try to average across the entire 3.7 miles (less than 14:30/mile). My first mile was around 8:30 pace, so I knew that I could bank some time, which I did as I had to power hike several portions of the climb. My coach, her husband, and my teammate kicked off my start with cheers, and then I got to meet them at the top with my good news of my time! As I started to get towards the top, I remember looking at my watch and seeing 42:00, and I knew that I needed to pick up the pace in order to get up there before 16:00 more. I carried my water in my hydration pack and had one Spring energy gel on the way up. I wasn't sure where the exact finish was, so I ran past the little gold plate marking "Mt. Bierstadt" just to be sure. After catching my breath, I took photos and celebrated by myself until my friends where able to get to the top. Loved every minute of it!!