FKT: Brodie Nankervis, Alistair George, Ewan Shingler, Max Taylor - Australia's 15 Highest Peaks (NSW, Australia) - 2021-12-06

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Australia's 15 Highest Peaks
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7h 53m 22s

What an epic day and route! Technically 14 highest and 31st due to an unfortunate error of the recorded elevation of South Rams Head in few places but was pretty speccy so worth the extra kms.

Left Canberra around 6:30am for the drive down to Charlottes Pass, dropping past Jindabyne for some last minute supplies and caffeine!

Started the route at 10:15, so knew we had 10 hours at least of workable light and 12 hours before it got too late. Great weather, sun out and a little bit of leftover snow to make it interesting. Did the suggested order in the FKT but being orienteers, went a little more direct. This made for some fun in a few places, with some steep hillsides and multiple snow crossings.

Had plenty of nutrition with us and filled up in the creeks with water, maybe should bring a water filter next time to be extra careful. We were well kitted out for the terrain, except for Max who very impressively ran the whole thing in some Asics...

Started getting tired after the final peak - South Rams Head - and still had a long way back to the start point. Once we crossed the Thredbo/Kosci track we could feel the end was near and we cruised the finish to celebrate with a pot and parmi back in Jindabyne!