FKT: Brooke Deans - Columbia River Gorge Triple D (OR) - 2023-06-10

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7h 29m 0s

Order of completion: Dog to Defiance to Devils. Started at Dog TH at 10:54am with a round trip time of ~1 hr 11 mins and then ran to a neighboring dirt pull out because didn't have a permit to park at Dog TH as it's flower season! Next drove to Defiance and fortunately was able to park at the TH as someone was leaving (all shoulder/non-parking spots were also taken!), started at 12:51pm and finished with a round trip time of ~2 hr 54 mins. Lastly headed to Devils and parked on the shoulder near Wahkeena Falls TH, started at 4:33pm and completed route in ~1 hr 49 mins. My watch read 6:22pm when got back to TH. Glad I went for it! Wasn't sure I'd really do it until I was at the summit of Defiance. Packed all my water, snacks, battery packs, etc. and drove myself TH to TH! Another beautiful day in the Gorge!