FKT: Bryan Beel - Larch Mountain (WA) - 2020-05-23

Route variation
Standard Up and Down
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Finish date
Total time
3h 45m 58s
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Was looking for a challenging run involving a notable local landmark, and encountered Larch Mt., the highest point in Clark County, Washington.
Weather was fairly cloudy and slightly breezy, which was nice to keep the temperature down, but eliminated many of the grander views. Running in the morning minimized traffic and dust, both of which can become considerable later in the day, especially with four-wheelers and ATVs on the upper reaches of Larch.
Running splits were 2:09:12 up, and 1:33:38 down, with a little break at the top to change into a dry shirt and hat. Carried about 85 ounces of liquid (mostly water, some Succeed Amino) and a handful of Gu Roctane gels, which sufficed; carried extra clothes in my pack (Salomon Adv Skin 12 Set) for cautionary reasons, given the weather. I imagine significant improvements can be made in all these factors, but that's for another day, and perhaps other runners, with or without support.
Photos of watch at halfway and finish; landscape photos and description in main text of route listing. Watch is three seconds faster than Strava App recording because I was carrying both trackers and stopped the watch first (App showed 3:46:01).