FKT: Cameron Mang - Boreal Trail (SK, Canada) - 2021-06-12

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17h 21m 8s

Started just after 4 AM from the Cold Lake Trailhead. Mulchy, soft trail made for a slower than expected start. Be bear aware! Saw a couple cubs scurry up a tree. Did some run-singing for a good hour and spotted lots of fresh bear scat. First meet up with crew for refueling was at Sandy Beach Campground, about 19 km in. Carried on from there to Murray Doel Campground. Got carried away following an ATV track and had to backtrack a little bit to get back to where I missed the turn off. Felt like a long stretch (~35 km stretch) and had a water bottle malfunction that cost me a bit of hydration. Family and friends at Murray Doel got me going again. Cruised about 15 km to HWY 224 junction for a check-in with crew. Was starting to get hot! Next up was Matheson Lake Campground meetup with my amazing crew. This was about 28 km since the last check-in. There are two options to get to Matheson Lake. I meant to take the "alternate" option to avoid trail flooding but trail brain sent me past the Chalet and into the flooded trail instead. Waded through some serious wet trail. But got some beautiful scenery running along the lake near backcountry campsite 7. Matheson Lake to Kimball Lake playground was a short ~7 km stretch and I felt good. Ace pacer came up behind me part way to Kimball Lake and stuck with me until the end for about 25 km paced total. Family and friends were BBQ'ing at the Kimball Lake Camp Playground. Walked a couple km in the last ~16 km stretch but finished at a run with family and friends rallying alongside. Was getting close to 9:30 pm as I arrived at the end of the trail (i.e., Dorintosh Park Admin Office). Beautiful sunset over the lake. A day to remember!