Route: Boreal Trail (SK, Canada)

Submitted by cmang on Mon, 04/26/2021 - 09:49pm
Saskatchewan, CA
135 km
Vertical Gain
800 m

Located within Meadow Lake Provincial Park, the Boreal Trail is Saskatchewan’s backcountry destination for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.  The Boreal Trail takes adventures through the heart of the boreal forest where they can experience lush forest, crystal clear lakes and a variety of wildlife.  Spanning 135 km, the Boreal Trail is the only year-round destination backpacking trail in the Saskatchewan Provincial Park system. (*text pasted from SaskParks website and Boreal Trail Visitor Information document). 

Meadow Lake Provincial Park Boreal Trail | Tourism Saskatchewan -

Note that the FKT is for the trail end to end - you do not have to do all the side trails.  If there GPS track shows more than one option, go the quickest way.


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attempting tomorrow June 12th 2021! wish me luck


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Awesome Job!!! I haven’t seen your time yet but was thinking about attempting this as well. Too bad I didn’t find it sooner, then we could’ve ran together 

Thanks. Ya I ended up getting through it in 17 hours 21 minutes. I thought I'd do it a couple hours quicker but soft ground and some long rest breaks added up. I hope they post it soon, but it's definitely ripe for the picking! Let me knownif you're going to do it and I'm happy to share some info.

Also, I'd love to have someone in these parts to hit the trails with now and then. 

Man, you beat me to it. I was thinking about this since the spring time. What kind of support did you have? If I attempt it I would like to put up an unsupported time. I think less than 36 hours unsupported is possible. How can I reach out to you for more information?