FKT: Carina Mackinger - Alpe di Siusi / Seiser Alm: Panorama Trail (Italy) - 2023-06-16

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Standard route
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1h 45m 48s
GPS track(s)

Second time I run this route-last time everything was covered with snow and today flowers and green everywhere ❤️!

My husband run the first kilometer with me and took some pictures so it was supported.

In the second half they apparently changed some tracks because the gps was going through sections with electric fences, so I had to run offtrack as close as it was possible to the official track. 
I was a bit too late, I should have aimed to finish before 9am before the cable cars start because a lot of hikers blocked the single trails. Since most of them have been older I think not all heard me when I shouted ‚excuse me‘ and where scared when I ran close to them downhill 🙈. some of them smiled at me, but overall I think most people have been annoyed by me running.