FKT: Carla Molinaro - JOGLE / LEJOG (UK) - 2020-07-28

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12d 0h 30m 14s

On the 16 July I set off to try and break Sharon Gayter's FKT of LEJOG. After 12 days and 30 minutes I finally reached John O'Groats which was incredible! The journey had it's up and downs with every day providing a challenge at some point. By far the hardest point of the whole trip was the last 24hrs where a storm came in, the weather turned horrendous and the toll of running for 12 days began to sink in. 

This was by far the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life but a very rewarding experience. 

I had loads of people join me along the way which was great. I also had a support crew of 6 with me for the duration of the project. They resupplied me with food and water throughout the run. Supplies were got from local supermarkets along the way.


Admin note:  We recorded the following observations from the live tracker during Carla's run:

Day 12-13 (7/27-28):  Finished at John O'Groats at just about 5:30, for a total time of 12d0h30m!  Congrats to Carla & her team!

Day 11 (7/26):  67.9 miles to The Mound.  With ~72 miles to go, Carla will almost certainly finish late tomorrow!

Day 10 (7/25):  62.5 miles to Carrbridge (A9 & A938), 678.4 total.  140 miles to go.

Day 9 (7/24): 66.0 miles to Pitlorchy, 615.9 total.

Day 8 (7/23): 64.9 miles to Newbridge, 549.9 total. "Only" 500 km to go!

Day 7 (7/22): 66.3 miles to Lockerbie, 485.0 total.

Day 6 (7/21): 66.5 miles to Garth Row, 418.7 miles.

Day 5 (7/20): 69.8 miles to Abram, 352.2 total.

Day 4 (7/19): 69.2 miles to Leebotwood, 282.4 total.

Day 3 (7/18):  68.8 miles, crossed the River Severn.  213.2 total.

Day 2 (7/17):  70.0 miles to a bit past Chelston.  144.4 total.

Day 1 (7/16):  Started from Lands End ~5:00.  Ran 74.4 miles in ~12h to Trewint.