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John O'Groats to Land's End (JOGLE), or it's reverse route (Land's End to John O'Groats, LEJOG) connects the extreme tips of the island of Great Britain.  It's somewhere between 800 and 875 miles, depending on the route chosen.  The route has been done on foot and by other means at least since the 1870s, and records are kept for nearly every type of transportation imaginable including: 

The Wikipedia page details these FKTs.

"JOGLE + 3 Summits" was first done by Adam Kimble & Kris King.  It is the JOGLE with addition of the highest summit in each of the 3 countries along the way:  Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England, Mount Snowdon in Wales.

Andrew Rivett is credited by Guinness World Records with the fastest JOGLE/LEJOG on foot:  "The fastest ever run between John O'Groats and Land's End was 9 days 2 hours 26 mins by Andrew Rivett (GB) from 4 to 13 May 2002. Incredibly, he never covered less than 144.8 km (90 miles) per day (except for the final day), and on the sixth day managed 157.8 km (98.1 miles). He ran for an average of 18 hours per day."  However, this has been disputed due to lack of clear verification, and the astonishing nature of the claim.  See:

Given these concerns, and the fact that no verification materials for Rivett's run have been submitted to us, we are unable to weigh in on the veracity of the claim.

GPS Track


11th May 2018. I am attempting an FKT of Jogle. I shall post a tracker link here

Here's a bit more info on Mick Kennish-Ward's on-going (started May 11) self-supported JOGLE attempt:…

Mick seems to have made 258 miles in the first 5 days.

Andy Hind also launched a self-supported JOGLE attempt late on May 14.  He's posting updates to Facebook: (Andy announced his intention in January on our old website), and on

Here's Andy's tracker link:

UPDATE:  It seems like both men have abandoned their attempts.

Don't know if this counts but just completed JOGLE self-supported in 17 days and 23 hours.  For clarification self-supported was carrying everything on my back (mandatory equipment plus food and water) so I didn't have to use the checkpoints.  I did get people offering me food and water and joggers jogging with me but I never asked for this.  We did stay overnight in hotels and B&B's.  My only intention to go self-supported was so that I would have a better chance of making the cut-off's rather than stopping at the checkpoints.  This can be verified by Steve Warrallo at JOGLE Ultra Running Limited Facebook pages.  

Does any body know if there is an established unsupported FKT for men? There surely must be given the amount of unsupported atempts that are run every year!

From Wikipedia: "In July 2008, Dan Driver became the first to run the route solo [self supported], meaning he carried all his equipment with him whilst he ran it. He completed the run in just over 17 days"

In fact he completed in 17 days 2 hours, but it's not documented and an archive of his blog posts mentioned a friend shuttling his bag for a day, so may not be officially self-support. But it's the mark that Mick and Andy, Claire and myself have gone by.

To my knowledge there has been one attempt at unsupported (with a 60lb pack), but that ended within a couple of days.

i am attempting jogle unsupported 23/04/2021, i will attach my tracker link soon

Hi all, 

I'm looking at a unsupported attempt but what classes as 'unsupported'? 

I know having a team is not, well, unsupported.

What else? Is people coming at 'x' point to resupply a no no?

I'm just looking at what the rules are.

Thanks in advance.

On 1st September I start my unsupported attempt