FKT: Carsten Drilling, Tom Holzweg - Rundweg Winterthur (Switzerland) - 2020-05-22

Gender category
Route variation
Standard Loop
Finish date
Total time
7h 24m 58s
GPS track(s)

Start 7:00 in Kemptthal, run with Carsten Drilling ll the time side-by-side, bought one water in a self-service "Hofladen" and got some coke by a friend at kilometer 48 or so. Except that, we only took water where we could find it. The temperature was around 27°C around midtime.... puh. After 60 km I had some problems with my belly and had to walk in-between. Super happy to finish in 7:24:58 so SUB7:30. Thanks Carsten for joining me on this adventure.