FKT: Chad Priest - Dallas Cedar Hill Spine Line (TX) - 2022-02-21

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 42m 26s
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I parked at the DORBA trailhead and started hiking out to the start point via the jeep road about 6:30am, using a headlamp.  Temp was 59 degrees and very humid. It was misting rain and though the rain stopped not long after sunrise, gray skies persisted through the end of my run.

I began the route at 7am and did not encounter much traffic (hikers, runners, mountain bikers or otherwise) at any point.  Thankfully the trails were only a bit tacky and not properly wet anywhere.  In Cedar Hill State Park there were a lot of thorn bushes on the prairie section from the scenic viewpoint down to the lower Duck Pond Trail. Some parts of the jeep road on the high ridge were very boggy.  However the grass there was not very high and I was able to hike and run it without imagining rattlesnakes hidden under every step.

I only faceplanted once… on a gnarled root in Cedar Ridge Preserve.

I carried about 1.5L of water, 1L of Tailwind and some snacks.  That was exactly right for me in the conditions.  I finished before 11am which was my loose goal (sub 4 hours for the whole route).

In order to get back to my vehicle, I talked my Dad into picking me up about a half mile down Camp Wisdom Road near the Harmony School and shuttling me back to the DORBA trailhead.  Now I owe him a fried seafood lunch in return.

None of the route was very scenic on a gray drizzly day, but it was perfect for an FKT (or in my case, OKT!) attempt.  I really would like to see some strong trail runners crush this route and take down the time because it’s a great big hilly adventure in a city that lacks much in the way of trails and wilderness.