FKT: Chantal Demers - Cup and Saucer Perimeter Loop - 2022-07-29

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57m 40s
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This trail is absolutely stunning! After a recon hike with Jamieson the day before, I hit the ground running solo at 0655AM (an attempt to beat the business of the trail). There are tricky spots along the way, but the trail is pretty runnable. I loved the "Adventure Trail". Going through a tunnel and climbing those ladders were tricky to do at a fast pace and obviously safety is priority out there.  There is also a magnificent look out and great photo opportunity if doing the trail leisurely (which I highly recommend). This was my first "short & fast" FKT attempt ever! I typically run trails that are much longer, but it was nice to get my heart rate high and push the cardiovascular system. This was also my first of two FKTs this day. That's definitely a first for me. :)