FKT: Chantal Demers - Frontenac Provincial Park Perimeter (ON, Canada) - 2019-06-02

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6h 40m 48s
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Had a free day and thought, what the heck! I’ve been wanting to do this perimeter loop of Frontenac for a few years. #yolo

A girl, her map and a new trail to explore ❤️

Perimeter of Frontenac Prov. Park; an impromptu FKT attempt (unsupported, female (solo)).

What an amazingly fun day playing in the backcountry of this beautiful #frontenac Provincial Park! There are TONS of trails here runners. Definitely a spot to remember.

Here are a few details and photos:

10:25AM start (in the rain)
5 hikers, 3 deer, 1 beaver, 1 crane, lots of chippies, frogs and birds ?
1 muddy fall (I’m ok!) 
Lots of mosquitoes when map checking
1 tiny navigational error 
= one dirty runner. And I wouldn’t change a thing!!