FKT: Charlie Dickinson - Camp Murphy Loop (FL) - 2021-03-13

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2h 16m 14s
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It was about a 2 hour drive down so I didn’t end up starting until a little before 9 and I payed for it lol. The sun was up the whole time and it was high 70s when I finished.

The first 5 or so miles were pretty smooth single and double track with a little bit of sand and roots. It took me a second to make sure I was going the right way, but other than that this section went well, everything was feeling good. Then from about mile 6 to 13 was some up and down with A LOT of sugar sand. The sand was tough to move on and the heat was pretty brutal at this point, but no major issues going on. There was a little bit of mud on mile 14, then pretty much smooth sailing to the finish.

I did a really good job of hydrating- wore a Nathan vapor air vest with a 2L bladder that did the trick. Had a Hammer peanut butter gel every couple of miles. I didn’t have any crew (unsupported) so I carried everything with me from the start.

Overall really happy with the day. Got a decent effort in while staying relaxed, really dialed in nutrition, got to check out some cool trails I hadn’t run before, and was able to grab an FKT in 2:16:14!