FKT: Chelsey Magness - Mt Thielsen (OR) - 2021-07-03

Route variation
up & down
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 36m 29s

Great day it turned out.  Started out early morning with the plan to just go out moderate and scope out the top (as I'd never been up the final 450 vertical feet of the mountain - let alone the final 80' technical scramble).  I'd run the first 3 miles a few months before when much of the upper ridge still had some snow.   I was feeling pretty good so I just decided to keep pushing a bit.  Hadn't brought much food along, so was a bit dizzy at the bottom of the final headwall (maybe food, maybe altitude).  Sat for a minute, gathered myself and cautiously climbed to the summit.  Took way too long trying to get the perfect selfie with the peak shadow under my arm, but the rest was nice.  Had one slip and fall and nasty cut on my thigh from the run down - but all in all a great morning mission that was almost entirely in the shade (thankfully as it was 85 degrees at 8 AM!).  A bit scary doing it alone for the first time, but the top was solid if you have some climbing experience!  Beautiful solo run - no one else on the mountain at all!