FKT: Cheryl Wiley - Lyon Mountain - 2022-06-04

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1h 37m 22s
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Saturday June 4, I set out to complete the Lyon Mountain trailhead to tower and back to the trailhead. I was a little unsure of the trail conditions as it has rained over the course of the week. However, I quickly discovered that there was no need for concern. Of course there were some muddy sections, but it was not at all what I had imagined it would be.

The trail was fairly busy with the parking lot nearly full. Weather conditions were perfect with blue bird skies, 66 degrees and the perfect breeze. Lady slippers are in bloom and plentiful along the trail. The elevation gain on the way up required some effort and the run down was calculated as there are lots of rock and roots. I have hiked this trail many times, and completed a few trial runs, but this was the first attempt.  It was a fun, challenging, and ultimately a great day to be out!