FKT: Chin Yong - Knaresborough Round (United Kingdom) - 2022-05-05

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 43m 14s

Was sunny and wanted to do a short loop somewhere different. Always loved knaresborough so found a circuit route via the fkt website and decided to give it a go. The gpx file on here was very dodgy though maybe because Garmin modified it when iuploaded it to my watch. The gpx will lead you to non existing paths and middle of forest and fields. I had to use my phone midway when irealised the gpx file was untrustworthy. I used the alltrails app which has the correct route on there, swapping between using the watch when I'm running and relying on the phone when I'm lost. 

There are no closeby shops en route so bring what you need. It was a hot day so i brought 500ml water just in case and 2 gels. 

It's been sunny so there was only mud in minimal patches. You'd probably get away with road shoes mid summer if you know how to place your footing appropriately. There are some road crossings, 3 of which can be busy.

There was minimal foot traffic when i did it mid week. Signposts were good when there were turn ins from car roads, but bad when in farm fields.

You'll be crossing train tracks twice, one with traffic light and one without so look first before crossing.

Best part is its doable in less than half a day, then go buy a coffee and enjoy the view from the castle.