Route: Knaresborough Round (United Kingdom)

Submitted by simonfi1 on Tue, 12/22/2020 - 10:29am
United Kingdom
20 mi
Vertical Gain
937 ft

An established hiking route around Knaresborough, and the farmer's tracks in between (passing Scotton, Ferrenby and Goldborough).

Friendly horses, barn cats, beautiful woodland and lots of mud. Great fun, great route!

Taken from the Harrogate visitor centre website:

"This circular route around the Historic Castle town of Knaresborough takes in quiet lanes, river side paths and ancient rights of way as it circles the town."

"With less than 300 metres of climbing the route is achievable in one long day, or can be broken up into several small more leisurely sections, which can be accessed by short walks from Knaresborough Town Centre."

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