FKT: Chris Beale - Mole Gap Trail (UK) - 2020-07-29

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
50m 38s

Inspired by fellow Running YouTuber Seth Demoor, who has been crushing lots of FKTs this Summer, I checked the FKT website and realised that there was a route pretty close to me that I'd have a good chance of getting the Fastest Known Time. I wasn't familiar with the Mole Gap Trail before this, so was heavily dependent on a mapping app on my phone. I turned up at Dorking with the intention of running the trail to Leatherhead. I knew this wouldn't be my fastest time but I managed to do it in 59:15 even though I took a wrong turn several times and had to back track to ensure I ran the correct route. Once I made it to Leatherhead and with the knowledge I'd gained of the route, I decided to run back to Dorking as fast as I could and this is the run I'm submitting as the FKT. No wrong turns this time which helped me clock a time of 50:38. My FKT was run on a warm, dry day in the Summer. Good luck to anyone who takes on the challenge of trying to beat this. My advice would be to know the trail well in advance because it's not sign posted and there are lots of potential wrong turns that you can make. Having said that, it's a really nice run, through vineyards, wooded areas, open countryside and along the banks of the River Mole. I have filmed my experience and they'll be a video out on the Here We Are Running YouTube channel showing how I got on.