FKT: Chris Jones - Mt Shasta (CA) - 2020-06-18

Route variation
duathlon ascent from town
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 35m 56s

Inspired by Jason Hardrath's recent Shasta ascents, and without enough snow to properly chase the Horse Camp -> Summit route FKT, Max King and I planned to play to our strengths (he is a runner, I was a cyclist) and each chase a different Shasta FKT at the same time. He went after the round trip from town to summit to town running record and I set out to post a solid Shasta duathlon time. When we rolled into camp the night before our attempts, we heard that Jason would be on the mountain too, attempting the Shasta Picnic. In what turned out to be an excellent weather day, all three of us set new FKT's while I learned quite a bit about the mountain and how to properly attempt one of these in the future!


  • Bike - Kona Libre
  • Shoes - Salomon Speedcross w/ spikes
  • Pack - Salomon running vest
  • Poles + Axe