FKT: Chris Madrid - Tenerife - 2023-11-29

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3h 36m 20s
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It seemed logical to push the Start and End button right where the last gate of the Torres del Paine Complex is, which is right where the trail begins. 
It took me 3 hours and 36 minutes to go up and down. 
Despite not being a high or technical mountain, the weather conditions made it very difficult. Crossing the Magellanic forest without tracks was entertaining but painful, the vegetation is lush and with thorns. But I managed to open a direct and enjoyable trail. Once out of the forest things got more serious, strong winds and lots of snow and ice. I got through the deep snow quickly and then put on my running crampons to get into the most vertical part of the mountain that took me to the summit after a good fight and having to move slower to avoid falling. 
A beautiful mountain, of unique shape and that certainly can be done faster if the weather conditions allow it, but this is patagonia.