Route: Tenerife

Submitted by Chris Madrid on Thu, 11/30/2023 - 07:31am
Magallanes y de la Ant√°rtica Chilena, CL
13 km
Vertical Gain
1,500 m

Mount Tenerife, located in the Magallanes region, has an unmistakable pyramid shape, identifiable from miles away, and is in fact on the way to Torres Del Paine National Park. 
To enter and attempt its ascent you must go to the Torres Del Paine Complex, where you must go to one of the houses of the locals to request permission to enter, as well as to announce your departure. The locals are very friendly people. 
Once you enter, you will only find a couple of kilometers of trail, the rest of the ascent is almost cross-country through the Magallanic forest and once you get out of the forest the line is straight up to the summit. Which you can see from below most of the time.
The upper part of the mountain has strong winds all the time.
If the sky is clear, from the summit you can see most of the Paine Massif, including the highest mountain in the Park, Cerro Paine Grande. 

The 13 kilometers correspond to the roundtrip, approximately depending on where you move.  


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