FKT: Chris Reveley - Longs Peak (CO) - 1978-08-15

Route variation
car-to-car, any route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 4m 27s

Like Anderson after him, Reveley used a very direct version of the Cables Route with "every trick in the book". In fact, this has become known as the "Reveley Route". Reveley's splits were 1h23m ascent, and a 42m (or 41m30s?) descent (which remains the FKT for the descent of Longs, and is bordering on suicidal!). Reveley beat the previous round-trip record of 2h09m set by Roger Briggs. Reveley recounted his run in an email to me in 2005, which I would like to quote here because his words are such a beautiful expression of his experience:

The RT time on my digital watch was 2:04:27 which agreed with the big fat round wall clock (roughly, of course) in the ranger station. For his (previous) record-setting run, Roger Briggs stayed on the regular trail, I think. Check with Roger on that. So, my round-trip was a different course below the Boulder Field. At any rate, Roger's RT was very fast, indeed, if this is true. To run up and down Longs fast you have to love the place and be willing to spend the time to learn the name of every rock and foot placement along your chosen course. I did. Awash in a history of inspired performances, Longs Peak is a place that moves people to go a little beyond themselves, to punch through our self-defined envelopes. For me, it is a kind of holy place. To give credit where credit is due, the devoted people of the National Park Service have worked to keep the place much as it was 30 years ago. Today's warriors can have the biggest adventures of their lives on the same breathtaking stage. I love that. - Chris Revely, August 2005