FKT: Chris Romie - Twin Valley Trail (OH) - 2020-08-02

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3h 51m 51s

Having not been on the TVT connector in twelve or so years, today started as reconnaissance run for a future go at the FKT, with a minor possibility of running it all. The trail was tacky and generally great along with some of the most reasonable temps we have seen in months. After a slip and fall on a corner and a couple wrong turns with super-short backtracks caused by spacing out and being generally unobservant (pretty good signage throughout) I was not feeling it this afternoon. However, after finishing up in Germantown Metro Park and making it through the connector I was feeling increasingly better and decided "why not?". 

In hindsight, I must have been feeling really good to think it was an acceptable idea to run past the truck forgoing the variety of hydration and food options (including a vest) to go for the unsupported effort. It was uncomfortable from that decision on. Ironically, I would have had a better time (and certainly more enjoyable time) had I grabbed some hydration for the road. 

After finishing, taking in a bunch of liquid and lying in the fetal position for a bit...I continue to feel pretty worked.

Thank you for the challenge to all those before that pushed the time lower and lower. I look forward to seeing the faster efforts to come!

Note: Connect isn't processing export requests properly currently so no GPX/TCX to upload. I will try again later but its not advisable to use my file because of the few weird turns.