FKT: Chris Simmons - Sullivan Canyon Loop (CA) - 2020-11-21

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1h 38m 31s

I ended up getting a late start so it was about 75 degrees at the trail head and it felt hotter on the goat trail heading up to Westridge but once I hit the ridge the breeze picked up.  It was super clear out so the views of Sullivan Ridge and the surrounding canyons were a welcome distraction.  I've run Westridge a decent number of times but never starting from Sullivan Canyon and I definitely underestimated that goat trail climb so I was pretty overheated by the time I hit the fire road.  I ended up walking longer than I would have liked but I was finally able to settle into a rhythm about 2.5 miles in.  Once I reached the gate at the top of the fire road I got confused and went up to the antennae instead of continuing up past the Nike missile site to connect to Dirt Mulholland.  I was able to find the junction of the trail which connects to Sullivan Canyon (just before Sullivan Ridge) without issue based on the GPX tracks that Matt and Chris had shared (Thank you!).  The trail which drops down into the canyon is steep (to say the least), I was basically surfing from one narrow scree filled rut to the next.  It's basically a straight shot without turns to break your momentum so you just have to go for it..or not.  I usually enjoy a good descent but I walked down most of this one.  I was happy to reach the shady confines of Sullivan Canyon and upon the realization that the rest of the route was all downhill was able to pick up the pace a bit but not as much as I would have liked...I totally forgot about the last climb at the end.  There is something demoralizing about climbing on asphalt to close out a ~10 miles trail run...