Route: Sullivan Canyon Loop (CA)

California, US

The Sullivan Canyon loop is a 10 mile lollipop loop that starts at the Sullivan Canyon Trailhead, 2118-2100, Queensferry Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90049. This route is counter-clockwise, going up West Mandeville Fire Road and down Sullivan Canyon, but can be enjoyed clockwise. Alternate routes are both ridges, which ads only about 0.6 miles, or the canyon and the ridge on the east; Sullivan Ridge Fire Road.

The route for this FKT is taking the Sullivan Canyon Trail. After 0.7 miles, go up the First Crack trail on the right. Make a left on the West Mandeville Fire Road until you get to the old Nike Missile radar site around mile 5. There is a bathroom with water there. Make a left on Mulholland Drive. After about 0.8 miles make sure not to miss the small trail going down. You then reach the Sullivan Canyon Trail that goes down to the trailhead.