FKT: Christian Schout - Hauensteiner Schusterpfad - 2022-11-12

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1h 29m 1s

After having run the Schusterpfad back in March as part of our mixed gender FKT, Steffi and I went back to Hauenstein to try it again, this time each on their own. We decided to split from the start, with me running clockwise and Steffi counter-clockwise so that we'd meet somewhere in the middle. I started along the track up to the Nedigfelsen. It was pretty cold that day and foggy in the woods, the path was super slippery which proved to be a bit difficult on the downhill sections. However, altogether I really enjoyed the run big time. Twice I lost track of the route - not because it was not signposted, but I have this tendency to zone out while I'm running. 🙃 Anyhow, I had to run back so that in the end the whole tour was 1k longer due to my navigation cockups. I think I will come back to Hauenstein and try to beat the time in spring, when the conditions are better, because the Schusterpfad really is a beautiful tour.