Athlete: Christian Schout



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
Albertine Steig Standard route Unsupported 1h 31m 7s
Tour de Vogel (Karlsruhe, Germany) Standard route Self-supported 3h 37m 7s
Schwetzinger Wiesen und Riedwiesen (Germany) two loops Unsupported 1h 43m 56s
Schwetzinger Wiesen und Riedwiesen (Germany) one loop Unsupported 50m 41s
Bergdörfer Grenzweg (Karlsruhe, Germany) Standard route Unsupported 2h 32m 23s
Rülzheim - Rottenbachweg (Pfalz) single loop Unsupported 50m 46s
Spessarter Spechtweg (Black Forest, Germany) Standard route Unsupported 1h 8m 40s
Dahner Rundwanderweg (Germany) Standard route Unsupported 2h 25m 32s
Hauensteiner Schusterpfad Schusterpfad Unsupported 1h 29m 1s
Rundtour mit Rhein bei Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen (Region Karlsruhe, Germany) Standard route Unsupported 1h 47m 50s
Moselachter (Mosel Valley, Germany) Standard route Unsupported 1h 39m 34s
Aussichtsreich um Waldbronn und Karlsbad, Albtal, Black Forest (Germany) Standard route Unsupported 2h 13m 44s
Chaisenweg (Murgtal, Germany) One Way Unsupported 54m 27s
Chaisenweg (Murgtal, Germany) Out & Back Unsupported 1h 50m 53s
Treidlerweg (Germany) loop Unsupported 1h 7m 25s
Zu zwei Burgen an der Badischen Bergstrasse (Germany) Standard route Unsupported 1h 26m 25s
Borkum Inselumrundung Standard route Supported 2h 50m 38s
Burbacher Rundweg, Albtal, Black Forest (Germany) Standard route Supported 1h 31m 0s
Hauensteiner Schusterpfad Schusterpfad Unsupported 2h 2m 42s
Graf-Rhena-Weg / Albtalweg (Germany) one way Unsupported 1h 56m 12s
Ossiacher See Trail (Austria) Standard route Unsupported 6h 17m 40s