FKT: Christian Schout, Stefanie Schout - Treidlerweg (Germany) - 2022-07-27

Route variation
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 7m 25s
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After an involuntary long(er) break battling the after effects of Covid, we bounced back just in time to pursue Steffi’s goal of running one FKT a month. Once again, we took inspiration from fellow FKT aficionado Volker Buschka to tackle the Treidlerweg, a shorter and flat loop close to the river Rhine. The flatness was a requirement, as some of us are still not able to handle hills - but we hope to be back on hillier terrain soon! It was an ideal tour to get back running after our break, and the trail is much more fun than we expected.

The weather was still quite hot, but a slight breeze (especially during the section parallel to the river) made for pretty good running conditions. The 12k loop itself was pebblier than expected but altogether very runnable and we got rewarded with some nice (and unexpected) nature scenery, woods and swamp-like fields in these Rheinaue wetlands. It made for a great after-work tour!