FKT: Christof Teuscher - Grand Canyon Crossings (AZ) - 2018-10-26

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2d 10h 10m 0s

Christof announced the first attempt of a Quadruple R2R2R (4xR2R2R, or R2R2R2R2R2R2R2R2R), and posted details to

"To the best of my knowledge, this has never been attempted. There may be a (good) reason for that. I guess I’ll find out.  A single south-to-north rim-to-rim crossing on the Kaibab trail is 21 miles long with about 6,000ft of elevation gain. Going the opposite way results in about 5,000ft of elevation gain only. 8 crossings thus add up to 168 miles with about 44,000ft of elevation gain. This will be a supported attempt, because, well, I’m getting old, feeble, and lazy."

Christof started at 4:04am on 10/24.

R2R at about 5h26m (9:30 on 10/24)

R2R2R about 11h01m total (15:05 on 10/24)

R2R2R2R at 18h36m (22:40 on 10/24)

R2R2R2R2R (double R2R2R) at 26h32m (6:36 on 10/25) "After a horrible night and another quick pit stop at the South Rim at dawn, heading back down into the canyon. The view is ok."

R2R2R2R2R2R (N Rim) at 34h22m (14:26 on 10/25).

R2R2R2R2R2R2R (triple R2R2R) at 41h14m (21:18 on 10/25).  Whoa - sub 15h for the 3rd consecutive R2R2R!  Nighttime will be hard.  Go Christof!

R2R2R2R2R2R2R2R (back on the N Rim) at 51h09m (7:13 on 10/26).  One more crossing!

R2R2R2R2R2R2R2R2R - Complete!  58h10m (14:14 on 10/26). Wow!


I'll be attempting this on May 15th at 8 am. Here is the live track if anyone would like to follow along, but the purpose behind this effort is solely to raise awareness for mental health.