Athlete: Christof Teuscher



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
Iceland N-S Traverse (Iceland) Standard route Unsupported 8d 11h 4m 0s
Columbia River Gorge Triple D (OR) Standard route Unsupported 18h 40m 15s
Heart of Darkness Loop (OR) Standard route Unsupported 13h 2m 6s
Anza-Borrego Loop (CA) Standard route Self-supported 5d 14h 58m 16s
Columbia Plateau Trail (WA) Standard route Self-supported 1d 16h 32m 13s
Willapa Hills Trail (WA) one way Self-supported 12h 59m 45s
Santa Rosa Traverse (CA) Standard route Unsupported 1d 1h 37m 15s
Anza-Borrego Traverse (CA) Standard point-to-point Unsupported 9h 43m 54s
Arctic Circle Trail (Greenland) Out & Back Unsupported 4d 10h 15m 27s
Arctic Circle Trail (Greenland) Standard route Unsupported 1d 23h 30m 0s
Blue Mountains Trail Standard route Self-supported 14d 17h 22m 0s
Monumental Loop (NM) Standard route Self-supported 5d 19h 51m 28s
Heart of Darkness Loop (OR) Standard route Unsupported 13h 22m 21s
Cohos Trail (NH) Standard route Unsupported 3d 9h 50m 35s
Wy' Cool 50km/50mi/100km/100m (OR) 100 mile Unsupported 1d 18h 13m 30s
Kettle Crest Trail (WA) out & back Unsupported 1d 7h 49m 40s
Snake River National Recreation Trail (SRNRT) #102 (ID) Out & back Unsupported 18h 32m 15s
Kokopelli Trail (CO, UT) out & back Self-supported 4d 22h 51m 50s
Badlands Challenge (OR) Standard route Self-supported 19h 40m 23s
Wonderland Trail (WA) Triple Wonderland Self-supported 5d 11h 49m 0s
Wonderland Trail (WA) Double Wonderland Self-supported 3d 8h 13m 0s
Wonderland Trail (WA) Double Wonderland Supported 3d 10h 50m 30s
Eagle's 33 Challenge (OR) Open Course Self-supported 4d 8h 42m 13s
Mt Hood Circumnavigation from Cascade Locks Standard route Unsupported 1d 15h 30m 11s
Steens Range Traverse (OR) Standard point-to-point Self-supported 1d 10h 23m 45s
Kokopelli Trail (CO, UT) one way Unsupported 1d 20h 9m 36s
Crater Lake Rim Drive (OR) winter Unsupported 11h 18m 21s
Crater Lake Rim Drive (OR) winter Self-supported 15h 51m 6s
Alpine Lakes Grand Tour (WA) Standard route Unsupported 1d 11h 44m 1s
Cougar Traverse (WA) Standard route Unsupported 5d 17h 52m 16s
Joshua Tree Traverse (CA) out & back Unsupported 16h 19m 30s
Grand Canyon Crossings (AZ) 4xR2R2R Supported 2d 10h 10m 0s
Grand Canyon Crossings (AZ) 3xR2R2R Supported 1d 17h 18m 0s
Olympic National Park Grand Loop (WA) standard loop Unsupported 13h 10m 21s
Pacific Crest Trail through WA (WA) Standard route Self-supported 10d 1h 26m 0s
Fremont National Recreation Trail (OR) Standard route Unsupported 2d 9h 37m 0s
Ozark Highlands Trail (AR) "Old" Route (165 miles) Unsupported 2d 22h 1m 0s
Oregon Desert Trail (OR) Standard route Self-supported 17d 15h 0m 0s
Joshua Tree Traverse (CA) out & back Unsupported 19h 23m 37s
Wilson River Traverse (OR) out & back Unsupported 8h 24m 14s
Mt Adams to Mt Hood (WA, OR) Standard route Supported 2d 16h 48m 0s
Joshua Tree Traverse (CA) one way Unsupported 7h 12m 50s
Mt Adams to Mt St Helens (WA) Standard route Supported 1d 14h 17m 1s
PCT: Bridge of the Gods - Timberline Lodge (OR) southbound Unsupported 12h 5m 19s
Mark O. Hatfield Trail (OR) Standard route Unsupported 17h 17m 8s