FKT: Christof Teuscher - Mark O. Hatfield Trail (OR) - 2014-06-07

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17h 17m 8s

On Sat, Jun 7, 2014, I completed an unsupported run of the entire Mark O. Hatfield Memorial Trail in the Columbia River Gorge. More info about the trail can be found here:


According to the pages above, the trail is 60mi long and has a total elevation gain of 13,500ft. However, my Ambit2 logged 55.3mi and 16,566ft of EG. Note that it died about 1mi before the Starvation Creek TH. So my final mileage estimate is about 56.3mi. The Ambit2 recorded at time of 17:07:08. I probably needed an additional 10 minutes for the last mile.


I started at 4am at the Multnomah Falls TH. Below is a movie clip that documents the run. I obviously "lost" quite some time filming. Several sections of the trail are overgrown with lots of downed trees, so no fast running is possible. My initial estimate was to finish in 12-14h, but I underestimated the challenge. Yet, there's definitely much room for improvement. I think it can be done much faster.


The run was done entirely unsupported.

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