FKT: Christoph Hardes - Ruhrhöhenweg (Germany) - 2021-05-23

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1d 19h 54m 48s
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I did this run completely alone over the full distance. There was no external support and no runner accompanying or spectating me over the full distance, only some WhatsApp messages for mental support by my friends. There were some friends awaiting me at the finish line. I cached some water and food along the way two days before i started. Unfortunately half of that caches were destroyed or taken away, probably by wild boars. I had a salomon softflask with a water filter in my backpack, so i took water from natural sources along the way. I also carried 800 grams of Hammer Nutrition Perpetuum. Had to do some additional kilometers to the original course, because i lost parts of my equipment at the point of 204 km and had to go back some kilometers to pick it up again. On the last kilometers i had to follow a little detour, because there are large construction-works in the Duisburg habour area.

Weather conditions were tough throuout the run, mostly rainy and windy. The sun came out for only two hours on saturday and for the last six hours on sunday. I accidentally stopped my watch for about three and a half minutes when i put on the rain-jacket out of my backpack, this is why the moving-time ist a little shorter than the elapsed time.