FKT: Christopher Pagoda - Carter Moriah Range Traverse (NH) - 2022-09-11

Route variation
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Total time
6h 58m 54s

I was looking for a White Mountain adventure and decided to run and bike the Carter Moriah Picnic.  I used the approach by Art Beauregard as a baseline.  I started at the Carter Moriah trail head and traveled southbound on the traverse.  I stashed my Cannondale CAAD 10 road bike and cycling shoes at the Glen Ellis trailhead and then road back to the Carter Moriah Trailhead northbound on Rt16.  The only variation I added was including Mount Hight.  I had never been on the traverse and my friend told me the views were pretty good on Hight, so I decided to include it.  This ultimately started my downfall of no longer feeling "good" as the cramping started to set in on the ascent.  The descent into Carter Notch Hut and and then up and over the Wildcats was much steeper and harder than I was anticipating.  I stopped briefly at the hut to fill up some water.  Even though the temps were cool, the start was very humid and I lost a of fluids.  I was under-fueled and under-hydrated for my own liking.  I went through about 3.5L of water and about 7 spring energy gels.  I used a Garmin Fenix 6 pro to record separate files for the run and bike.  I also used Gaia on my Google Pixel 5A phone to record the overall time with breaks and transitions.  Elevation varied quite a bit between devices.  GPX files for all are included.  Overall, this was a proper traverse and kudos to the crushers with the FKT on the run only because those times are truly impressive!