FKT: Clair Jones Wilson - Rampart Range Road (CO) - 2021-06-12

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17h 25m 32s
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RRR - wow what a day! This was the first ~50 miler~ distance I've ever run! I went in a bit undertrained but I finished and that was my goal! Super hot during the day - which was to be expected - would definitely think about doing this route again either earlier in the season or in the fall. I also forgot how little tree cover there is on some of the sections in the final 20ish miles of the route! I've always loved RRR despite its noisy OHV traffic. It was one of the first places my husband and I went camping when we first moved to Colorado and has always been a quick weekend getaway with friends from Denver when we want a one-night camping spot. So many good memories have been made there! I also love the varying pine and aspen forests and the beautiful views of Pikes Peak. A real treat to watch Pikes get closer and closer throughout the day. As for the other details, my husband crewed me which allowed for resupply along the route. We had a few friends stop by about 2/3 of the way through to hang and boost morale, which was awesome! I ran alone the entire time, which wasn't too bad with so much scenery to look at. I was sticking well to my pacing schedule until about mile 22 when my left foot started to act up. By mile 30 my right quad was pulled and swollen from compensating and all I could muster was a hobble. I was determined to finish though even though I knew I would be nowhere close to my goal time. The last 27 miles was just about pain management and relentless forward progress. It all worked out in the end!