FKT: Clare Gallagher - High Lonesome Loop (CO) - 2018-08-17

Route variation
Standard route
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Finish date
Total time
2h 35m 2s

Started my watch at the Hesse road split, but lapped it at the bridge, where the TH and FKT route starts. My strava was good until coming back down there is GPS drift. I took the only possible way down. I lapped my watch again at the bridge for the FKT time, 2:35:02--please note the "lap" function on Strava so you can see this. Then, I stopped my watch for good at the Hessie Rd split. Perfect weather. Not too crowded passing people, especially on the way down. Would never attempt a fast descent on a weekend here. The ladies time can still be faster. Ryan Smith's time of 2:01 and mine of 2:35 are too far apart. I think if I pushed the uphill a tad more, I could cut maybe 5min. My descent couldn't get much faster. Drank 0.5L coke and 0.5L of water. Needed it!