FKT: Clare Gallagher - Mesa Trail (Boulder, CO) - 2019-04-27

Route variation
out & back pre-2020
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1h 47m 52s

Rea Kolbl actually held this prior to me (according to Strava), she just must not have submitted it. Boulder girl power! I hope she takes it back! :) 

Psyched! Started late, felt sluggish, but gave it a go. Took it what i thought was chill on way out, which payed off considering I negative split! Basically even though both ways. Thought I should quit and die on climb back from S TH. It is so long, yet I knew my climbing is rly strong right now, so I just grinded away until the uber fun rolling sections. I love the rock hopping, just like a dance. God trail running is so fun! Not too many people and everyone was delightful. Only one wipeout, but caught myself with my hands and avoided leg damage. Muddy in just some of the upper middle sections, but otherwise great conditions. Ate a gel on outbound descent and drank a not quite full soft flask. Obvi wore my Patagonia pack, LaSpo Kaptivas ( ?!! Such perfect shoes!! ). I can’t wait till Rea takes this back - she’s so fast. Girl power! 6th overall on strava ??