FKT: Clinton B. Portis - Crest Trail T25 (NM) - 2015-08-14

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
7h 51m 46s

Finished. It ended up being an unsupported FKT as I did not even stop for water. Was also a slog-fest. Most of the trail was nearly impossible to follow as it was covered in either waist high grass, nettle, thorn bushes, or some combination thereof. I've found that most New Mexican trails are not marked with blazes, and this was no exception. I literally had to feel the trail by my foot as I could not see it through the over growth. As a result, time was pretty darn slow. Did get a feeling of actually navigating, rather than a jog in the woods.

Final time was 7:51:46 over 21.70 miles (unsupported)