Route: Crest Trail T25 (NM)

New Mexico, US
20.9 mi

Clinton B. Portis posted the route:

I am planning an unsupported attempt on South (Monjeau Peak) to North (Nogal Peak) on the Crest Trail (T25) in the White Mountain Wilderness from (near) Ruidoso, New Mexico to (near) Nogal, New Mexico.  The only speed time I could find is "Big Blister" on Every Trail.  Their hike was listed as 10 hours.

I am unable to find accurate distance or elevation information for the trail in either direction.  It seems like the South to North Route might be the easier in terms of elevation gain (3,200 feet vs. 4,500 feet) and distances range from 20 (USFS) to 22-23 miles (websites).  Hopefully, I can relay accurate distance information after my attempt to establish an FKT.

I plan to start tomorrow morning around 6am MST.  I will carry a SPOT and can be followed here.  I will also have a Garmin and Gaia GPS on my phone and will upload as much information as I can when I complete.

-Clinton B. Portis


GPS Track


I will be attempting an FKT attempt on the CT25 on either 12SEP or 19SEP. I will update when it gets closer.


I will be attempting the unsupported FKT on 20SEP. 

I'll be heading out for an unsupported attempt on October 17.