FKT: Clorice Reinhardt - Farmington Canal Heritage Trail (CT) - 2022-05-14

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 35m 11s

Ran the canal trail as part of the cross-CT mental health run. I have run the trail before in the same fashion, but did not actually run to the temple street terminus before. Certainly not as a fast as one could do it in colder weather and with fresh legs, but its an initial female time and hopefully will encourage people to get after it. If going for a FKT on this route, I recommend going on a colder day, but still after the public water fountains are on for the season in Cheshire and Southington. If you went on a spring day or in the fall where it wouldn't be hot or humid (the trail gets little shade in the southern half, and the morning humidity can really drench you starting out), you could make it to mile 31 on one large bladder, some small bottles and full hydration pack with snacks. There is a water fountain there you could use to refuel. I refueled on the supported attempt by volunteers of the Cross-CT mental health run, which is helpful as you can carry less but really slows you down to chat and get aid.