FKT: Cole Crosby - Bay Circuit Trail (MA) - 2023-11-11

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2d 5h 51m 14s

The Bay Circuit Trail was the backyard adventure I needed. Thanks to the incredible New England community that has welcomed me with open arms, I ran my heart out on the trail to hopefully showcase what is possible when we come together. 


Matt Dibb and Ben Manning were instrumental on their pre-run analysis of the trail as well as helping out and being an integral part of my support team. 


I started my journey at 6:39 am from the Southern Termimus in Duxbury/Kingston and continued to follow Matt Dibb's route and GPX. There were a few occasions where I followed the trail and Matt's GPX had him possibly take a slight wrong turn, but that is part of the challenge of the Bay Circuit Trail. 


The Biggest detour I had to make was in West Bridgewater on High Street by the Stanley Ironworks Park. The Bridge there was impassable due to rebuilding the bridge, which we had seen through scouting, and because of it being an active construction zone, trespassing would be prosecuted by being arrested so I did not want to cause any issues there. The re-route was approximatley the same distance, maybe a slight half-mile longer having to take Wall street up to East Center Street before cutting back down onto the Matt Dibb route. This section through here does involve creativity since the trail ends as runners must run through West Bridgewater before joining back onto the trail in Hockomock Swamp. 

The trail is well-marked but can be hard to navigate this time of year with all of the fallen leaves, fog up in Noon hill reservation as well as the cold wet conditions I encountered. 

All in all, this was a major community effort and an FKT result is just a direct result of all of the people: parents and their children that ran on the trail with me at all hours, some dropping-off food at our aid stations, cheering with cowbells at various trail intersections: it was pretty incredible. 


From the swamps in the first sections, to the rocks and steep hills of the middle 1/3 to the final push through more swamps up to the conclusion in Plum Island, it will be a moment I will cherish forever. The power of 1 can be great. But the power of many, can never be beaten. As you will see, I ran many more miles than prescribed with 227 instead of the 219 that Matt's route actually is. But that is what makes FKT's fun. You never know where the adventure will take you! 

Thank you New England for granting me your strength, hospitality, and drive when I needed it the most. This is our FKT and one I am so incredibly proud of. 


This trail is a grand tour of everything that makes New England great and is an incredible long-distance trail. If you would like more information on this great resource, check out the for more info. 


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