Route: Bay Circuit Trail (MA)

Massachusetts, US
221 mi
Vertical Gain
14,000 ft

The Bay Circuit Trail is a 230-mile permanent recreation trail and greenway extending through 37 towns in Eastern Massachusetts, linking parks and open spaces in fifty-seven Boston area communities. Detailed maps are on the website. At the south end by Kingston you can choose either of the two options between the Southern terminus at Bay Farm and Tubbs Meadow Monroe Street Trail head (north leg or south leg). The gpx shows the southern option. Also between Wayland library and Godman estate are two options, an east and a west route. The gpx shows the east option. The current gpx was based on the map from the homepage and the tracking of Matt Dibb late October 2022, and includes the noted discrepancies.

GPS Track


Starting on Tuesday, June 23 at 6am, I will run the Bay Circuit Trail starting at Plum Island (Newbury) and heading south until I reach Kingston Bay (Kingston).  I will travel the western split from Codman North (Lincoln) to Wayland Center and then northern split from Tubbs Meadow (Pembroke) to Kingston Bay.  The ~1-1.5 mile section along the Merrimack River between Burnham Rd. and the Stackpole St./Corrigan Ave. in Lowell in not maintained and currently overgrown/impassable.  To be as true as possible to the route, I will followed roads adjacent to the trail to connect these points, to the best of my ability.  This will be a supported effort.