FKT: Colin Bailey - Bucktail Path (PA) - 2018-07-15

Route variation
Sizerville State Park to Sinnamahoning
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
11h 16m 32s

I completed a FKT on this trail on 7/15/18 on an 87 degree day with over 70 degree dewpoint. For my hard work, I was awarded with heat exhaustion, vomiting, and rhabdomyolysis, in addition to some pretty nice abrasions on my legs from the nettles, briars and ferns. 

This is from Colin's Strava:

Hot! STUPID HOT!. Temp was 85ish and 71 dewpoint. I got heat exhaustion, and rhabdomyolysis for my accomplishment of what will be recorded as a FKT for this trail, I imagine not for long. It will be beat quite handily I am sure. It's not a hard trail. Don't run it in the summer. Springtime, with the right weather, someone will do it in under 8 hours easy. 
It's remote - very remote. I did see slight sign of previous foot traffic, but very very little of it. Don't expect to see people, have cell reception, or find water after mile 18 (which I did know and had adequate hydration with me). 
All in all - a great lesson, and potentially my retirement ultra-run. Things got a little dicey out there. Did it solo, and I don't do well with heat anyways. 
Fenix 5S died, but had Garmin Inreach Explorer + with me, so track is accurate. 
Glad to help out any future attempters with info to FKT this. I left it wide open.