Route: Bucktail Path (PA)

Pennsylvania, US
33.5 mi

The long-distance (35 mile) Bucktail Path is an isolated and demanding trail, maintained by Elk State Forest with occasional visits by the KTA trail care team. Do not expect to see anyone else when you hike. The trail is a rewarding experience for seasoned hikers seeking a challenge, because it offers extra loneliness and solitude, even for wild Pennsylvania. The Bucktail Path is not recommended for beginners, because much of the trail is very far from civilization, and there are several steep climbs and dozens of wet stream crossings.

Colin Bailey submitted the route:

A long-distance, point to point, remote trail in the wilds of PA. Sometimes trail markers are spacious, and seeing another person is highly unlikely. Decent elevation profile, and lack of travel can make it quite difficult in summer months. There is only civilization at the beginning and end of the trail, and civilization is a generous term. A dirt road is traveled along from about mile 2.5-4 coming from the north heading south. 
Scattered enchanting views can be appreciated near the southern end of the trail, as well as a dirt access road descent, closed to traffic. Water is fairly unavailable in the last half of the trail, after around mile 18, so bringing adequate hydration is key. Depending on runoff, the trail can also have flooded stream crossings where wading is necessary. 
The Bucktail Path forks at the southern end, with one option being to finish in Driftwood, PA; however the Route mentioned here for FKT is from Sizerville State Park to Sinnamahoning, the longer and slightly more arduous route. 
Nettles with some berry briers and loads of ferns are thick at the northern terminus for approximately the first 5 miles with some open areas. If traversing during summer months wear adequate coverage. The trail can also be quite difficult to follow during the summer. 
At the Fire Tower approximately 10 miles from Sinnamahoning, I was able to get cell phone reception. This was the only spot on the trail where I found that, including the town of Sinnamahoning which had no reception, at least where I was. 

Tough, Remote, don't do during summer months. I would say best time would be April or early May depending on trail conditions. 

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