FKT: Colin Lee - Knightley Way (United Kingdom) - 2023-10-14

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 39m 32s

I set off at 8:49am and the weather was good. I had the GPX route saved onto my watch so was following that even though the first section i knew well. I was carrying 1L of fluid and 5 gels to see me through.

No issues going through Badby Woods or Fawsley. After Fawsley i one of the fields had been recently plowed which made for tough going. Preston Capes soon arrived and i went through with no problems. After Preston Capes i wasn't very familiar with but kept making good progress (apart from on field which had some over curious cows in!!). Not a fan.

I arrived at Kings Norton after 2hrs 7 mins then turned back. The return journey was alot harder the the outward leg. This is mainly due to fatigue from racing last weekend. 

I was very please when i got back to Preston Capes as this is familiar ground to me and i was able to make good time.

Great day out!