FKT: Colleen Chase - Robert Frost Trail (MA) - 2020-08-07

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Standard route
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7h 27m 53s
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RFT.gpx2.98 MB

August 7th, 2020. RFT going southbound (Wendell State Forest HQ to Notch Visitors Center). Weather was overcast and 60 to start, 80 and sunny by end. Husband and dad dropped me off at ranger station at Wendell State Forest HQ, started at 7:30am. Original plan was to go unsupported so I carried my water and food in a pack, but wound up running out of water at Bay Rd crossing so took a bottle from dad there for the last stretch. After that switched it to supported, husband, dad and coach ran the last mile in with me which was fun.

Mileage and elevation in Strava link are a bit higher than actual RFT because it was my first time on most of the trail so had a few double-backs - in particular: missed the second turn in and doubled-back, doubled-back down on the climb up Mt. Toby since I thought I was on the wrong trail (but then realized it was the right trail), and took a wrong turn coming down Bull Hill so doubled-back to refind the trail. 

Great day on the trails :)